2014's Ethan Happ shocked, then commits

Tuesday was a significant day in the life of small forward Ethan Happ (Taylor Ridge, Ill./Rockridge). Following a stopover in Madison where he attended camp, Happ was offered a scholarship and committed to the Badgers. In typical understated Wisconsin Badger style, Happ’s plan to celebrate was simple.

“I’ll probably go shoot some jumpers tonight,” the 2014 forward said. If that’s not a page from the Badger basketball textbook then what is?

Happ’s a good player and a tough customer. Last weekend, Happ didn’t anticipate an offer from the Badgers but Bo Ryan didn’t waste any time. The Badgers offered the rising junior following the first night of camp. “I didn’t think I played that well either.

“Coach Bo Ryan had a talk with me up in his office. He talked about the program and the success. To be honest, I really couldn’t believe it was happening.”

As he sat in his room that night, the offer had yet to sink in. Happ had trouble putting it together. Really though, from the outside it made sense. Having seen him in May, one could tell he was great around the bucket with both hands and posed as threat as a shooter and passer. Surely Wisconsin saw the same thing in Happ and figured there was no better time than the present.