Mostella improving on and off the court

Coming out of the summer, the one thing we were sure guard Detrick Mostella (Decatur, Ala./LaLumiere) could do was score the basketball. Last weekend, he did nothing to dispel that notion.

“They played six quarters and Detrick had 43 on [the Illinois Wolves] in two and a half quarters,” said Mark Komara, Mostella’s summer team coordinator. “He’s put on seven pounds since he’s been there and he’s rocking and rolling. His attitude has been phenomenal. He’s had hard times too, but he’s been good.”

“He got 19 in the first seven minutes,” LaLumiere coach Alan Huss said. “He made his first five 3s so that helped. He made shots, got confidence.”

Mostella’s a sure thing on the court but his transcript is a work in progress. Neither he nor those around him hide from the fact that in order to be eligible to play college basketball, he must create fortunate bounces for himself.

“He’s grabbed a hold of the situation,” Komara said. “Alan Huss is a no-nonsense guy and he’s been good for Detrick. He’s doing well in school. If he can stay on course, he’s [got a chance] to make it.

“People are waiting to see what he does academically but if he goes as he’s doing now, he’ll be a late spring guy.”

Georgetown, Texas A&M, Miami and Xavier have either been on him or contacted him in recent weeks. They’ll all fly in a holding pattern based on his grades, but expect them and more to check in periodically. Mostella doesn’t take the SATs until midseason, so you won’t hear about official visits until after then.

All you need to know is that he’s trying to make himself available as a spring option. It’s not a sure thing that he qualifies, but schools surely will check in periodically to gauge his progress.