Top 10 post pairs in the 2013 class

After watching a week of college basketball, it struck me how few teams have two legitimate big men worth playing together. The game has evolved so much that we’re seeing a different style of play. The trend is to trade bigs for guards, and it’s hard to blame the coaches for doing so. Start rattling off the list of the country's elite frontcourts. You may not need both hands.

I started wondering which programs had actually recruited two quality big men this year and set out to come up with a top 10 list. Small forwards were intentionally left off to emphasize true interior players, so this isn't a list of the 10 best frontcourt classes. It's a rundown of the best post pairings.

It should come as no surprise that a year after losing the bulk of its frontcourt to the NBA draft, UNC targeted size and didn’t need to look far to fulfill Roy Williams' wish list.

1. North Carolina

Isaiah Hicks (No. 8 PF)

Kennedy Meeks (No. 2 C)

I can’t remember the last time the state of North Carolina had two elite big men. The bonus for UNC is how different these guys are. Hicks is straight out of the UNC mold of power forwards; he’s long, can play from inside to mid-range and runs the floor well. Meeks is an aircraft carrier who rips rebounds and throws laser outlet passes. Getting two guys this talented who can play off each other is significant.

2. LSU

Jarrell Martin (No. 7 PF)

Jordan Mickey (No. 13 PF)

The Tigers will not be lacking in athleticism next year. Martin is one of the best rebounders in the class and he’s fantastic in traffic. He also happens to be quite the scoring threat. Mickey is a pogo stick in the paint. Close your eyes, picture an SEC frontcourt with size and athleticism and you’ll see Johnny Jones’ crew.

3. Arkansas