Can G'Town crash Andrew White's party?

On October 16, 2010, shooting guard Andrew White (Richmond, Va./Miller School) made a comment to me that always reverberated with me. At the time, White was just beginning to assert himself as a high-major target. He’d been diligently working on his game following a disappointing summer. He re-energized himself with a great showing at the Phenom 150. I asked him that day, where he would go if he could attend any school? His answer: Georgetown.

Fast forward 10 months and White, who re-classified last year, is now ranked No. 51 in the ESPNU 100. He's been on so many campuses he's tough to keep track of. His jump shot is a dialed in thing of beauty and he hit the accelerator on his game, ranking and recruiting party.

To be fair, Georgetown didn’t do much with White until this month. The Hoyas put a lot of their eggs in the basket of T.J. Warren (Durham, N.C./Brewster Academy). When Warren picked NC State, Georgetown picked up the phone and last weekend, the Hoyas dispatched the head coach to watch White perform.

Not long after watching White, the Hoyas communicated that a scholarship offer would be on the table. The reality of the situation is that Georgetown’s jumping in at this stage complicates what was already a complicated situation. White is the owner of the longest list of any ESPNU 100 player. He’s had a difficult time concluding his recruiting process and now the wrench comes in from Georgetown.

There’s no telling what’s going to happen. White may wish to watch some games and examine his choices with more of a microscope. Maybe he tries to end his process this week. It could go in any direction. Louisville, Kansas, Texas, Richmond -- and others -- seemingly own strong footholds in his recruitment. Will the Hoyas be one of many that have offered or is Georgetown’s move a game-changer?