Miller gives Butler recruiting continuity

It's called The Butler Way, and it's not merely a cute saying, but rather a way of existence for one of the country's most unique college basketball powers.

On Saturday, athletic director Barry Collier filled Butler’s vacant head-coaching spot, created when Brad Stevens left this week to be head coach of the Boston Celtics, by choosing to sustain The Butler Way. Collier replaced Stevens by promoting an in-house candidate -- former Butler player Brandon Miller, who was just rehired as a Bulldogs assistant in April -- who happened to be on the ground floor of the construction of this national program.

Had Butler gone outside the family, it most certainly would not have been The Butler Way. Hiring Miller is a way to sustain the culture and identity of this program.

It also means Butler’s new head coach won't have strains on his time during a key month in the recruiting calendar.

Miller has been a soldier and a lieutenant in the Butler army. Now he's commander-in-chief, as he takes over the reins of the program a mere four days before the tip of the pivotal July recruiting period, which begins on Wednesday with the first open evaluation period (July 10-14) for college coaches.

What is Miller's course of action in recruiting? Priority No. 1 is don't panic.