ESPNU 60 PG Britt to decide on Tuesday

The last few years the college coaches have been adamant about locking up good point guards early. Why? Mainly because of the importance of the position to team goals and also because the coaches knew the point guard pools since 2010 were not deep. Kentucky and North Carolina have done the best jobs in terms of locking up the upper-crust players at each position. UNC is hoping to strike again this week with Nate Britt (Washington, D.C./Gonzaga).

Britt will announce his decision, likely early in the evening on Tuesday. There’s a pep rally for hoops at Gonzaga that day which is good timing. However, the real reason is Britt is simply ready to make his decision. On the board is UNC, Maryland, Georgetown, Arizona and Villanova.

“At this point, he had seen all the schools,” Nate Britt, Sr., said. “He’d been having conversations with the assistant coaches and the head coaches. He’d been through his assessments with the schools and at this point he wanted to get it out of the way and give everyone a chance if they’ve been recruiting other guards to move forward with their recruiting.”

Britt’s an accomplished point guard. He’s the No. 15 player in the ESPN 60. UNC is the only school with a commitment from a Top 25 player in 2013; Britt would be its second.