Twitter tips to consider before you hit send

The social media and its impact on recruiting is a topic you can never wear out. It’s continually changing due to the nature of communication and no matter how much we preach about being careful, there’s always a lesson to be learned with the new medium.

On Thursday, during our weekly "experts” segment on “Recruiting Nation” our panel discussed the ever-changing landscape of social media. For now, I’m focusing on Twitter.

The best rule I’ve heard about tweeting is to consider this: Treat every tweet as it’s the lead story in a newspaper.

That means before you hit the tweet button, ask yourself: Is this something I would want to appear on the front page of a newspaper?

From my perspective, kids don’t have a good understanding on who is actually reading their tweets. For example, a friend of mine in an NBA front office follows everyone and may interact with a player or two as well. Basically, he’s like a CIA officer but instead of using his name or his own avatar, he masquerades as a smoking hot girl, trolling tweets and testing the character of players. He’s chumming the waters, watching the behavior of potential prospects. If an NBA team is going to invest a first-round draft pick, they’re going to do their homework. Reading tweets often provides valuable insight and an open look at a player’s life.

On the flipside, it’s also easy to find out who’s not being honest. Recently, a college coach was talking about Twitter and how a kid’s personality on the Internet doesn’t jive with who he really is.

“You read some tweets about working hard and you think this guy is the hardest worker. Then you call around and it’s totally opposite. It’s amazing.”

Translation: you can tweet all you want, but once they pull back the curtain on you, do your tweeting habits match your character and basketball habits?

The next time you hit the send button on a tweet consider this:

  • Your future college coach is watching. What would he think?

  • My mom reads my tweets. Does yours?