Should we be surprised UK is all over Wiggins?

Let’s not kid ourselves; Nerlens Noel, Shabazz Muhammad and Jabari Parker aren’t the only future stars coming through the ranks. Andrew Wiggins (Toronto, Can./Huntington Prep) belongs in the conversation with those big-timers.

Wiggins is in the Class of 2014, is 6-foot-7 and the son of a former Florida State standout.

“His mom and dad both went to Florida State and there are ties there but it’s not a given that he ends up there,” CIA Bounce coach Mike George said.

FSU coach Leonard Hamilton is all over this one but he’s got company -- namely the Kentucky Wildcats.

“Kentucky’s been the one that’s been here the most,” Huntington Prep coach Rob Fulford said. “I would say they’re coming above average (for Kentucky standards) but it’s not the fullcourt press yet. They’re in a 2-2-1 right now but it’s coming.”

Kentucky, Florida State, West Virginia and North Carolina are in the mix. All but UNC has sent its head coach to see him during the high school season. My guess is they’ve come away impressed.

“The dude is so naturally gifted it’s ridiculous,” George said. “He understands the game at such a young age and he beats you in so many ways. He could play in college right now and have a huge impact in college.”

Fulford said there are the natural gaps of lackadaisical play young players go through but Wiggins is on a team with so many standouts that he’s learning the valuable lesson of playing without the ball in his hands. Fulford said he accepts coaching, looks you in the eye and embraces the competitiveness of practices against other Division I talents.