Chicago teachers strike impacting recruits

The decision by Chicago teachers to strike affects a bevy of recruits because college coaches won’t be in the Windy City watching open gyms during the strike.

“You have to adjust,” DePaul assistant coach Billy Garrett said. “We had a strike plan and a nonstrike plan. Oliver Purnell is thorough. It’s really hard for the kids, but we planned for both. It’s those mid-major kids that it affects the most, a kid that you’re trying to make decisions on in terms of whether or not he’s good enough.”

If the strike lingers, it doesn’t mean much for Jabari Parker (Chicago/Simeon), the No. 1 overall player in the 2013 class. However, for senior Jaylon Tate (Chicago/Simeon), the timing is not good.

“It’s hurting [Tate] because guys were coming out to see him,” said Simeon coach Robert Smith, who was outside Simeon picketing with his fellow teachers. “With a lot of guards committing, he might have been able to pick up a few more scholarship offers.”

Here’s what public school recruits can and can’t do during the strike:

  • No in-home visits at school

  • No working out in school gyms