Telep's Top 10: NCAA recruiting what ifs

To win six games in a row in the NCAA tournament, there’s an element of hard work that naturally comes with the quest for college basketball supremacy. In the same vain, there’s also an element of fate. Karma, if you will.

Imagine if Trey Burke didn’t make that phone call to Michigan one last time and instead called Mick Cronin to commit? Would Michigan still be in the Final Four? Would Cincinnati still be at home watching? Speaking of Cincinnati, that’s the team that at one time owned a commitment from Louisville’s Chane Behanan. What if Louisville had had a scholarship for Dez Wells? And what if Rick Pitino hadn’t spotted Gorgui Dieng while watching committed wing Justin Coleman, who ironically never made it to Louisville?

In recruiting, there are infinite “what ifs” -- decommitments, second choices, players who fell through the cracks. So we decided to rank the top 10 recruiting what ifs that could have changed the course of this year’s NCAA tourney. We’ll never know what might have been, but it sure is fun to toss around the scenarios.