Top 10: Potential risers outside 100

After reviewing the July notes, a number of players popped onto the radar. Whether they make any top 100 lists is to be determined, but they are candidates. Frankly, this summer could yield more change than usual in a list of this nature. I’d pay close attention to the next 100 list because I’d bet the ESPN staffers shake it up and you see a host of new faces.

If the new list had PF Michael Humphrey (didn’t see him in July), SG Matthew Fisher-Davis, SG Bryant McIntosh, PF Yante Maten, F Bonzie Colson, PG Lamonte Bearden or SG B.J. Stith, it wouldn’t be met with much resistance as those prospects each put together strong summers; some are better players than prospects and that’s a factor.

Ten Non-100 Potential Risers

1) Robert Cartwright, PG: The West Coast kid looks every bit like a Top 75 candidate and a classic late blooming worker. Stanford is the team to beat and in my mind this kid has earned one of those 100 spots.

2) Thomas Welsh, C: Cartwright’s travel teammate, Welsh is a level better than he was at this time last year. He has played his way into priority-recruit status for a number of Pac-12 teams.

3) Chinanu Onuaku, C: His brother Arinze was a late bloomer and he might be as well. While Arinze was a wide body, Chinanu is longer and taller. He’s a work in progress but one who merits 100 consideration.

4) Darrell Davis, PG: Flip the switch; this is a blue light special. He has progressed, and there are a lot of colleges hoping to keep him under wraps and get a steal. He lost early in Las Vegas and nobody was too broken up about it. The ones who know him are sitting on him, hoping the genie stays in the bottle.

5) Phil Cofer, PF: He’s not at the same level, but the kid reminds me of former Florida Gator Donnell Harvey in his approach to the game. A quiet Southerner, Cofer’s motor revs long and hard. He’s a strong fit for Cuonzo Martin’s personality and style at Tennessee. The thing with Cofer is if you saw him with his spring AAU team, you wouldn’t have signed off on his candidacy. A switch back to his original team for the summer yielded better results.

6) Lourawls Nairn, PG: He has been on the ESPN list before, but following July he’s likely to make a comeback. Nairn sold everyone at LeBron’s Camp. The guy is a sparkplug.

7) Ben Lammers, C: As a high schooler, Philip Jurick was a late Top 100 player, and Lammers is cut from the same cloth without the off-the-court baggage. Smart kid, legit size and could be a multiyear starter for teams that prefer to go big.

8) J.P. Macura, SG: The kid has good size and is more than a shooter. He’s a feisty competitor and a very good passer. Think Pat Connaughton of Notre Dame.

9) Makinde London, PF: You never want to miss out on a big man, and London is big with a measure of skill. He’s not a performer yet but there’s a player in his body and upside to his game.

10) James Palmer, SG: This is one of the youngest seniors in the class and that bodes well for Miami, which will sign him in November. He’s got achievable upside and though he hasn’t punched his ticket he is a player you take a reasonable flier on and he makes you look good down the road. Preach patience, wait for the payoff.