Lynch and Charles join AFC West full of fantasy uncertainty

Marshawn Lynch returns to the NFL -- and to fantasy drafts -- as the lead back for the Raiders. Samuel Stringer/Icon Sportswire

The big story in the AFC West surrounds the San Diego -- oh, sorry, they’ve moved to Los Angeles. Yep, the Chargers have moved up the coast in California for financial reasons, leaving that excellent city bereft of a football team for the first time since John F. Kennedy was president of the United States. While the Chargers last won double-digit games in 2009, for fantasy purposes this is certainly a relevant team, with a top-10 running back, a productive quarterback and a rookie wide receiver expected to -- wait, what? There’s a back injury? Oh, the news never seems to end with the Chargers.

We’ll delve into the big stories surrounding the intriguing AFC West as we finish up our summer divisional series. After all, next week is August! The NFC East, NFC North, NFC South, NFC West, AFC East, AFC North and AFC South have already been covered, so check ‘em out and thanks for reading!