Week 7 end-of-season rankings: Packers, Cowboys, Luck

Jordy Nelson's fantasy value falls (1:35)

Matthew Berry sees the majority of pass-catchers on the Packers going down a notch in fantasy, including Jordy Nelson. (1:35)

Injuries continue to haunt fantasy owners, as the top quarterback could miss the rest of the season and a top running back could -- who knows, at this point? -- miss significant time because of an off-field act. As for on the field, fantasy owners still have many options to choose from, so, in the end-of-season rankings, I aim to create a reasonable hierarchy for evaluation purposes. Some of this, of course, is guesswork. Nobody really knows for sure what Dallas will do at running back or how much the Packers' wide receivers will be affected by changes. But I do my best. Do yours and enjoy!