Will Melvin Gordon keep scoring?

Chargers running back Melvin Gordon recorded three touchdowns against the Falcons in Week 7. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The last time an NFL running back or wide receiver scored 20 touchdowns in a season was 2011, when then-Philadelphia Eagles star LeSean McCoy achieved the feat. McCoy was one of the better fantasy running backs the prior season and in several seasons since, but 20 touchdowns, c’mon, that’s outrageous. It’s a ton. Since then, McCoy -- who is still a really good player and, ahem, also in the news -- has reached double-digit touchdowns once. The past four seasons, the league leader in scores had precisely 14, and only once was that a running back. That was Atlanta’s Devonta Freeman last season.

So it is that San Diego Chargers running back Melvin Gordon, famously the achiever of nary a touchdown of any kind his bust of a rookie season, scored three more touchdowns in a stunning win Sunday in Atlanta and now boasts 10 scores through seven games. Hey, let’s not pretend we aren't surprised. Gordon’s first season was a bit aberrant and unlucky, and we knew that back in August, but this level of proficient touchdown scoring needs to be examined further. When one watches this player in action, let’s just say, the first words uttered wouldn’t be “impressive” or “awesome.”