Martavis Bryant among top wide receiver breakouts

Bryant's fantasy status still uncertain (1:41)

Matthew Berry says despite Martavis Bryant's unsure playing status, he's a believer in the big receiver's production. (1:41)

Wide receivers don’t seem to break out as often and mightily as they used to. Oh sure, we saw some excellent and surprising performances at the position last season -- and some of those fellows might even break out into bigger and better things this time around -- but overall it’s not like at running back.

More rookies matter at running back. There are more training camp battles. There sure seem to be more injuries. At wide receiver, we know the top guys, and in general the top guys perform as expected, with little statistical variance, and there’s ample depth to fill in.

As we finish up our trio of “breakout” blog entries for the big three fantasy positions (quarterback, running back) it’s a good time to remind fantasy owners that when it comes to wide receiver, you might not have to take