Auction strategies to employ

The best part about participating in a fantasy football auction is that anything goes, and you're never a victim of unfortunate, random draft order or someone else choosing a player you really want the pick before you. Don't get me wrong, drafts are awesome as well, but for anyone that has had that year in which they seemed to pick last in all their drafts can attest, it stinks never getting a shot at Aaron Rodgers, Arian Foster or Calvin Johnson.

In an auction league you can, in theory, get all three of those fellows on the same squad, though it doesn't come recommended. Certainly you can get two of them, though, which doesn't happen in a draft league without a trade. The point is, there are more options in an auction format for you to build your team your way, and our goal in this blog entry is to strategize a few different options to build teams.

Let's assume a standard ESPN lineup and $200 budget, and point out three types of teams below, explaining the virtues and potential drawbacks. We'll use ESPN's published auction values as a guide, so whether you think a player is worth $10 more or $10 less isn't a factor. We have to start somewhere, but for any of us that have been in an auction are aware, with some players you do pay more, with others you might pay less, and often timing is everything. In the end, there are myriad ways to construct the final product. My advice is to go in with a plan but be willing to adjust it on the fly, numerous times if needed, and spend all your money. Oh, and have fun.

Team 1