2011 WR review, plus early 2012 rankings

At quarterback and running back, two critical fantasy football positions covered previously this month, one doesn't have to be a soothsayer to figure out who the best options are. Five quarterbacks separated themselves from the field this past season, as did four running backs heading into 2012. What about wide receiver? This position is hardly a mess; in fact, its depth is very much pronounced, to the point it likely will affect keeper league teams as well as fall drafts. If many of us agree on the top wide receiver moving ahead, who is No. 2? And when it comes to the top 10, ask a slew of fantasy aficionados and you might get 25 names for the honor, and the case could be made for many of them.

With that, we continue with our look back and ahead position by position in fantasy football, this week settling on the wide receiver pool. Wide receivers young and old were major contributors this past season, and chances were pretty good that if you needed a free-agent option, someone decent or at least interesting was sitting there for your interest. Here are the links to the quarterback and running back recaps, but now we discuss those who making their living catching passes.