2011 ranks: Are Tebow, Cruz 'safe starts'?

Welcome to Week 13, and another set of the rest-of-season rankings. Now that you've digested your Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing, we're into December games, and there is just a bit more on the line for fantasy football owners at this time of year. We're here to help! Even if you can no longer make trades, it still never hurts to get another opinion when it comes to evaluating players.

Remember, these are not the Week 13-specific rankings; those will be published Wednesday and updated Friday. Best of luck as you come to the end of your fantasy regular season and prepare for the playoffs!

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Top 40 Quarterbacks

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&#8226 The top 10 remains pretty much the same this week at quarterback, as most of the big names played well or there just wasn't a good reason for any of them to leap over others. By this time of the fantasy season, you should know what you have at quarterback anyway. That doesn't mean you cannot win a championship with Andy Dalton or Ryan Fitzpatrick or lesser choices, but the top guys remain the top guys. I can admit to adding Green Bay Packers backup Matt Flynn into the No. 40 spot. Hey, if Aaron Rodgers can do what he's doing, and perhaps finish off the best fantasy quarterback season ever ... well, what if he sits in Week 17? The bigger news is in the overall top 100, as Mr. Rodgers joins a new and exclusive neighborhood. Hey, he is the best.

&#8226 Perhaps you'll notice a new No. 10 quarterback, and it's only partially an endorsement of perhaps the most debated quarterback ever, that lefty-slingin' Denver Bronco: Welcome Tim Tebow! But don't overrate the message. Who else deserves that spot? Even in a game in which struggling San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers goes interception-free, he still doesn't put up top numbers. Rivers has been a top-10 quarterback in only two of the first 12 weeks this season, so he really doesn't deserve overall top-10 placement. So Tim Tebow, come on down! Look, no matter what you think of Tebow, the bottom line is he has played seven games, and his worst fantasy outing was 12 points. In the past four weeks, he has averaged 17 points. Rivers has been held below 12 fantasy points in three of his past six games. The numbers, they do not lie.

&#8226 Michael Vick sat out Week 12 because of broken ribs, and I'd say things aren't looking particularly promising for this Thursday's game in Seattle. Vince Young threw for 400 yards in Week 12 because the New England Patriots had a huge lead and didn't care -- and they really can't stop opposing defenses in the first place -- but still, Young isn't bad. He moves up, but not quite into the top 20, though I suspect he'll be near the top 10 in the Week 13 rankings. Vick should play in Week 14. As for Week 15, who knows? Maybe it's Mike Kafka. What's Randall Cunningham up to these days?

&#8226 As for the also-rans section of the quarterback rankings, Kyle Orton is now a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, and he has to be an improvement over Tyler Palko and probably a few quarterbacks owned in your league. But he's no Rex Grossman! And new Houston Texans starter T.J. Yates is firmly in Caleb Hanie and Blaine Gabbert territory. I'm pretty sure never before in history has that previous sentence been said or typed, by the way.

Top 60 Running Backs

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