Four Downs: Winter weather? No problem

The forecast for Philadelphia for Sunday afternoon called for perhaps an inch of snow and difficult conditions beginning around halftime. Of course, an hour before game time, it was apparent that forecast was, as Bob Uecker might say, juuuuuust a bit outside reality, and it sent fantasy owners scurrying for replacements as a snowstorm belted Lincoln Financial Field. Snow and/or bitter cold also played a factor in several other NFL cities, from Baltimore to Pittsburgh to out west in Denver. You know what, though? Quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends from Philly to Denver still scored many fantasy points in those conditions! No, really, it's true!

For example, Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles continued his improbable run to must-start status with 19 (standard) fantasy points. The Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco and Minnesota Vikings' Matt Cassel scored 19 and 18 points, respectively, in their game, with more than a few coming in the final, exciting minutes. The Cincinnati Bengals' Andy Dalton and Indianapolis Colts' Andrew Luck -- uh-oh, watch out, he's a dome quarterback, which to some is akin to suffering from a disease -- scored 30 and 32 points, respectively. Then there's Peyton Manning, who so many were confident would deliver a fantasy dud because that's his calling card when it's Antarctic-like, finding a way to pass for 397 yards and four touchdowns (31 points) in single-degree wind chill against a Tennessee Titans defense that had permitted an NFL-low eight touchdown passes all season.