2011 ranks: Injuries beginning to take a toll

It's time for the Week 10 edition of the "rest-of-season" rankings, as we update the major fantasy football positions and the top 100, giving you one man's opinion on which players will be more valuable the rest of the way. As always, these are not the Week 10 rankings; those will be posted on Wednesday and updated as the week progresses. And don't forget, for the next seven weeks, there will be Thursday football. Don't wait till Sunday mornings to handle your lineups (or trades!).

Enjoy the latest rankings, and best of luck in Week 10 and beyond!

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Top 40 Quarterbacks

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&#8226 Don't expect many changes at the top of the quarterback rankings moving forward (unless there's an unfortunate injury, of course). Perhaps Aaron Rodgers will have an off game one of these weeks, but don't bet on it. Rodgers has thrown two or more touchdown passes in every game; in his worst fantasy game this season, he still scored 21 fantasy points. Tom Brady hasn't even reached 21 fantasy points since Week 3! Tony Romo hasn't reached 22 fantasy points in a game all year. The top 10 remains the same except for San Diego Chargers interception king Philip Rivers moving up a spot from 11 and pushing Houston Texans handoff king Matt Schaub to 11. Rivers threw three more picks Sunday, but the four touchdowns and season-best 385 passing yards overcame it. Schaub threw for 119 yards, and has topped 300 passing yards only twice all season.

&#8226 While stud wide receiver Andre Johnson should return soon and help Schaub, it sure seems the Texans have changed their offensive philosophy, as Arian Foster and Ben Tate are skewering opposing defenses on the ground. It's possible both Matt Ryan and Tim Tebow pass Schaub in these rankings soon, and they could pass Rivers as well if he continues his pace for an incredible 28 interceptions. Who does he think he is, Jay Cutler? For the record, no quarterback has thrown as many as 28 interceptions in a season since Brett Favre in 2005. Before that, the last to do so was Peyton Manning as a rookie. Rivers isn't a rookie, and he's on a better pace for stats than Favre finished with in '05.

&#8226 In other quarterback news, rookie Andy Dalton just beat wily veteran Matt Hasselbeck, but the reason they switch in the top 20 was because Dalton has more upside. The Titans are 4-4. If things don't get better, Hasselbeck could be the 2011 version of Kyle Orton (from 2010), losing the starting role more because his team can't win and there's a rookie in waiting (Jake Locker) rather than performance-based. Be wary of trading for Hasselbeck.

&#8226 After the top 20, new Oakland Raiders leader Carson Palmer moves up some, even though he tossed another three interceptions. At least he threw for 332 yards and three scores. Colt McCoy and Alex Smith don't appear capable of this. Kevin Kolb sat out an enticing matchup with the St. Louis Rams, and might miss Week 10 as well. Don't everyone rush out to get backup John Skelton, though.

Top 60 Running Backs

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