Summer Snapshot: Oakland Raiders

Summer is here, and the NFL preseason games will be underway before you know it. As teams train and hold camps, let’s analyze what fantasy owners should be looking for in the next few months. Join the conversation on Twitter: #FantasySnapshot

What’s new? Well, the last time an Oakland Raiders team won more games than it lost was the 2002 season, which is a really long time ago. Hall of Famer Jerry Rice was on that Super Bowl team! So these Raiders would like the "something new" to be a nine-win season, at the least. It doesn't seem likely based on the talent and personnel at hand, though it appears to have been upgraded this spring with veteran options. Former Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew and Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones get perhaps their final opportunities to start, as Terrelle Pryor, Rashad Jennings and Jacoby Ford have moved on, but the fantasy value for the new fellows seems muted, if not barely existent. The franchise quarterback was drafted, so the main story around this franchise will be about when Derek Carr finally sees opportunity.

Something to prove: