2012 ranks: Peyton, Peterson back at No. 1

Changes abound in this week's end-of-season rankings, as the top spot is up for grabs at multiple positions. Of course, the changes don't end there. In many leagues, the fantasy playoffs have arrived, so I'm back to help with December planning. The Week 14 rankings will be posted Wednesday. Good luck!

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Top 40 Quarterbacks

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A few weeks ago, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw five interceptions in a game, and subsequently dropped a bit in these rankings. This past week, the No. 1 guy in the rankings, Drew Brees, also threw five picks. The fact is that while the great Aaron Rodgers has been rather ordinary the past month-plus, exceeding 15 fantasy points only once, he's not alone in his average play. Brees scored a crushing 3 fantasy points in Week 13, even though his five-game stretch of passing for fewer than 300 yards did end. Tom Brady had been excellent, but not on Sunday, when he scored 11 points.

As a result, the new No. 1 quarterback is a fellow who has held the top spot many times before 2012: Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos. Manning has only one game with fewer than 17 fantasy points since Week 2 (and it was 14 points, not 3), and his pending schedule is very nice. It's somehow fitting that Manning and Adrian Peterson, each of whom have overcome serious injuries and rather modest draft position to thrive this season, each hit the top spot in these rankings in the same week.

Of course, if you own Manning, Brady, Brees or Rodgers, you're probably not sitting them either way. As noted in Sunday night's Four Downs blog, however, you have options if you want to sit a struggling passer. Seattle Seahawks rookie Russell Wilson has been playing like a top-5 guy since October, which not coincidentally was the last time he was intercepted. He moves way up, though not quite to top-10 status just yet. Cam Newton moves into that range, though, as no quarterback topped him in fantasy points either of the past two weeks. Tony Romo of the contending Dallas Cowboys re-enters the top 10 as well.

As for the quarterbacks after the top 20, Chad Henne, Sam Bradford and Nick Foles, each seemingly safe in the starter role, move up some. Brady Quinn played well Sunday. Joe Flacco, Christian Ponder and Michael Vick are headed the opposite direction. Vick stops at No. 40, but it seems his season probably is over. And a week after we needed to rank a trio of Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks, none worth much in fantasy, the slumping Cards traveled to North Jersey and lost to the New York Jets by one point. It was a miserable game for quarterback play, and now three Jets quarterbacks are ranked. Sure, add Tim Tebow in case he plays, but it sure seems as though the Jets aren't interested in playing him.

Top 60 Running Backs

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