2012 ranks: Beanie, Moreno relevant again

The joyous Thanksgiving holiday is behind us, as is the trade deadline in ESPN standard leagues (not to mention Willis McGahee's relevance for this season). But let's look on the bright side: The fantasy playoffs are approaching. Are you ready? It's definitely look-ahead time, and we can help you prepare with our position and overall rankings. There are many changes for this week, with some big names dropping and some players recently on waiver wires moving way up.

For the Week 13 rankings, check back on Wednesday and see what myself and the other ESPN rankers are thinking. And good luck in Week 13 and beyond!

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Top 40 Quarterbacks

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not having a bad season. He has looked pretty average in three of his past four games, however, and those opponents didn't exactly possess a Chicago Bears-like defense. So Rodgers drops from the top spot slightly to No. 3. If you own Rodgers, you don't panic. You don't rue the fact your trade deadline passed and you thought you were fine with Rodgers at quarterback. You are fine. You're just a bit finer with Drew Brees and Tom Brady, that's all. And looking ahead to next year, you're better off going with a running back or A.J. Green/Calvin Johnson in the first round. Entering Week 13, quarterbacks occupy the top eight spots in overall season scoring, and 14 of the top 17, showing the depth at the position.

The big mover of the week is, not surprisingly, San Francisco 49ers revelation Colin Kaepernick, who jumps way up to No. 16. Does he deserve a better rank? The Kaepernick love, while on the surface is largely justified, has gone a bit too far, despite high-teens performances against the Bears and New Orleans Saints. While it's doubtful veteran Alex Smith gets his starting job back anytime soon, unless injury or poor play crops up, this remains an inexperienced second-year player. Trust Andy Dalton and his three consecutive 20-point fantasy games more. Trust gunslingers Tony Romo and Carson Palmer more, too. And Eli Manning sure doesn't appear to have a dead arm anymore. Fantasy owners can get away with probably all of the top 20 quarterbacks as reasonable playoff/December starters in a standard league. Yep, there's depth.

Outside the top 20, there's modest movement. If you own Michael Vick, perhaps he plays in Week 13 upon receiving a clean bill of health, but don't bet on it. He's about one week away from really dropping in these rankings when the Eagles reveal their plans for the future. Chad Henne and Brandon Weeden essentially switch places; the former is set as the Jacksonville Jaguars' starter and has exciting weapons, while the latter is dealing with a concussion and really could use better targets. A healthy Weeden does have the Oakland Raiders this week, however. If it's Colt McCoy, don't get excited. Christian Ponder is struggling again without Percy Harvin, and you probably don't want the five Arizona Cardinals/Kansas City Chiefs passers occupying the bottom eight spots in the top 40, but they need to be ranked anyway.

Top 60 Running Backs

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