2012 ranks: Isaac Redman on the radar

Trading time is fast and furious as those in ESPN leagues make last-ditch efforts to improve their teams. After all, we're in November and the trade deadline for those in standard leagues is a mere two weeks away. Don't wait too long! We're here to help with our end-of-season rankings. Look for the ESPN Fantasy Week 10 rankings to be published Wednesday.

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Top 40 Quarterbacks

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The first noteworthy changes at this position come courtesy of the Manning brothers. Although Denver Broncos quarterback -- still seems weird that he's not on the Indianapolis Colts, no? -- Peyton Manning continues to exceed any reasonable expectations with his fifth consecutive game of precisely three touchdown passes, little brother Eli Manning has consecutive single-digit games in fantasy points. Really, even before this stretch, the New York Giants Super Bowl hero was struggling a bit, outside of the many passing yards (he's second to Drew Brees). Don't dump Manning, though. He does drop a few spots here, but he remains in the top 10 based on his track record. Plus, has Matthew Stafford really been good enough to move past him? What about Cam Newton?

As noted in Sunday night's Four Downs blog entry, the current Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck, who has exactly the same number of passing yards as the aforementioned Peyton Manning, moves up into an even safer range as a fantasy starter. Luck versus fellow rookie Robert Griffin III is a good fantasy debate at this point -- not in real life for wins and losses, just in performance -- and not just for top rookie honors (Doug Martin also will have a strong say in this). Griffin didn't record a touchdown Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, which is disappointing, but it was nice to see him run the ball 11 times for 53 yards. For now, that's the differentiator, although they're headed in different directions.

Meanwhile, Tampa Bay's Josh Freeman keeps movin' on up, and -- based on his team's friendly schedule and the fact that his running back has 83 fantasy points in his past two games -- it's hardly unreasonable to select Freeman as your weekly starter. The other big mover of the week comes from Oakland, where Carson Palmer threw for 414 yards and four touchdowns against Freeman's defense. Palmer has been average yet consistent this season, and although this rank puts him outside of fantasy-starter levels, the next two games are against the Baltimore Ravens (which is now a good thing for quarterbacks) and the New Orleans Saints (which usually is). Palmer is an interception machine at times, but this is a decent time to invest in him.

There was little movement after the top 20 quarterbacks, but kudos to Miami Dolphins rookie Ryan Tannehill for battling through his quad injury and tossing for 290 yards. Man, if only Tannehill had a wide receiver like Brandon Marshall to throw to, as opposed to say, Davone Bess, that would certainly help. Tannehill is a nice investment, as well, with four of his final eight games coming against the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots.

Top 60 Running Backs

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