Mauer, Lincecum make for strong second round

Way back when -- OK, it was only nine days ago -- I ranked and explained my top 10 for the 2010 fantasy baseball season, and the feedback was excellent. I thank you, kind readers, for that. No, I don't expect everyone to agree with my thoughts, but that's part of the reason fantasy baseball rankings -- really, any rankings -- are so much fun. Anyone can and will debate them, and nobody is wrong ... until about six or seven months later!

A handful of players showing up in many of your top-10s are missing in mine, and those players are likely listed below in my 11-20 rankings. You'll see that a few pitchers made it into this blog, unlike the top 10. It's also time to gently alter one of fantasy baseball's oldest sayings. You've heard this one before: You can't win your league with your first-round pick, but you can lose it with that pick. Well, for this 2010 season, there is going to be so much debate about the picks after the top five or so that I think that saying should include Round 2, as well. Really, why is a second-round pick any less important than the first one? With superstars being available in the second round, it's not.