2012 ranks: Dwyer, Denarius Moore rising

Well, that's eight weeks of the 2012 fantasy football season in the books, and depending on the viability of your team(s), hopefully there are plenty of meaningful games left for you. For others, it might be crunch time, and your team has some serious work to do. The free-agent options in general haven't been particularly strong the past few weeks, as some of the names -- such as Rashad Jennings and Titus Young -- seem recycled, so you'll have to make a trade to improve your team. Hopefully these updated end-of-season rankings will help with that.

Remember, these are not the Week 9 rankings. Those will be published Wednesday. Enjoy, and please, no matter where you reside, be safe.

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Top 40 Quarterbacks

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A month ago, the fantasy quarterback position sure seemed deeper than it is now. Back then there were probably 15 passers with a case to be made that they belonged in the top 10. Things have adjusted a bit with notable options struggling. Cam Newton and Philip Rivers haven't played like top-10 options recently. Newton has one touchdown pass in three games and is nowhere near the extraordinary pace for fantasy points he delivered last year, when he reached double digits in fantasy points all 16 games, and topped 20 points nine times. He has reached 20 points just twice this season.

Rivers looked awful in Cleveland on Sunday and gets passed by Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck, Matthew Stafford and even Tony Romo. Yes, Romo tossed four interceptions Sunday, but he also supplied 19 fantasy points, and he has a three-week average of 16 points. Meanwhile, Rivers has 11 points over the past two weeks combined. It's worth noting that, while Rivers did toss 20 interceptions a year ago, he still finished ninth in quarterback scoring. He's not even in the top 25 currently.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman continues to rise, as he set a franchise mark with three consecutive three-touchdown performances, and averaged 25 fantasy points during that span. The schedule was kind (Chiefs, Saints), but it will continue to be friendly. Freeman is showing the same upside he displayed in 2010, when he was stingy with turnovers and finished in the top 10, but now he's also piling on the yards and touchdowns.

At the back end of the quarterback position, Matt Cassel had a brief stay on the Kansas City Chiefs bench, but certainly he's nobody to rely on in a fantasy league. He moves up because he's at least playing again. Miami's Matt Moore enters the rankings because rookie Ryan Tannehill is hurting, and those in deep leagues roster any quarterback who plays. Philly rookie Nick Foles moves up a few spots, just in case his first start comes against the defense-deficient Saints in Week 9, and then there's Tim Tebow. Who knows what the Jets decide to do, but it's not like Tebow has hurt his stock with his play ... because he hasn't played much. When he did play in Denver, he played well.

Top 60 Running Backs

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