Chatting, strategy ... and sitting Randy Moss?

I always look forward to my weekly chat session each Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET, because I'm passionate about fantasy football, and a good number of the inquirers on there are as well. That works well. This is supposed to be fun, and I can't enjoy my job to its fullest if you guys don't enjoy the game and what we do. As for the chat, some people leave questions well in advance and probably just check back later. Others have only one question to ask but post it repeatedly until they get an answer. Most people, I would assume, view the hour as an opportunity to not only ask questions but follow up on things they see, which is the best way. Not only should you should hold me accountable for my answers, but keep throwing names, topics, ideas out there. "So, you like Beanie Wells more than Chris Chambers at flex, but how about ..."

I really don't bring any rules to the chat table, other than you have to keep things clean, and I try to choose the best questions I see, regardless of who is asking them. Trying to curry favor with me with compliments, pro-Philly sports talk (Go Phillies!) or offering me bribes doesn't faze me much. I just try to get to as many questions as I can in those 60 minutes, and have a bit of fun along the way.

This week's chat was relatively tame, as I didn't seem to anger anyone too much, but check it out for yourself at this link, and of course, get ready for the next one. We chat every weekday at ESPN Fantasy, as well as Sunday mornings right up to game time, which is our busiest time.

Here are a few questions from the chat that didn't make it in, but they interested me nonetheless:

Pete (Toronto): "You stink! You never answer my questions! What do you think of Reggie Bush?"

Eric: I always laugh at the questions that rip me, especially those who think I'm simply ignoring them. There are thousands of questions in the queue, and I see only a few at a time. Anyway, my general view of Bush is that he's a pretty large bust based on his Heisman Trophy, high draft selection and the expectations they all created. Is he talented? Absolutely. Is he a better fit for the New Orleans Saints in his current role as occasional ball handler as opposed to what Pierre Thomas does? Absolutely again. I don't see how Bush can be a safe RB2 with fewer than 10 touches per game, which is why I never rank him as a RB2.

Bob (Boston): "Eric, thanks for your hard work. Do you have a different strategy for picking lineups in Week 11 as opposed to say, Week 2? Don't the games count more now?"

Eric: Thanks for your kind words, Bob. The games count the same, but the pressure for you to win might be greater. Lose a few games in September and you can overcome it, but in November, it's tougher. And nobody can really afford to lose in December. Anyway, I know a lot of people will tell you different, but no, in a vacuum I do not change my strategy. I still activate the players I think will provide the most points. That's it. When we get to special situations, like you need to not only win but gain an extra 40 points for a tiebreaker, or it's the second week in a two-week playoff matchup, then I might think another way. We still have a few weeks in the fantasy regular season. And before I forget, for many leagues the trade deadline is only a week away, so please don't forget.

Walter Moore (Nebraska): "I own Randy Moss, and I never thought I would even think about sitting him, but based on your rankings this week, I actually have two better options in Roddy White and Donald Driver. You can't tell me you'd actually sit Moss, would you?"

Eric: Yeah, in this case, I would. I ranked Moss 10th among wide receivers, still a starter and someone I expect to do well, but obviously I felt nine others would perform better. I ranked White and Driver better, and for good reason. I like their matchups a lot better. The last time Moss faced the New York Jets and awesome cornerback Darrelle Revis, he delivered 24 yards and two fantasy points. That wasn't a fluke. I generally don't get scared of matchups with stud players, but in this case, Moss at No. 10 might even be too generous.