'12 ranks: Packers' Jones, Green movin' up

Fresh off another exciting "Monday Night Football" comeback, Tuesday is the day we look ahead not only to the coming week, but to the rest of the season. This is the latest installment of the ESPN Fantasy end-of-season rankings. We're seeing less movement now that we're in mid-October and most roles have been set, injuries notwithstanding. Remember, these are not the Week 7 rankings; those will be posted Wednesday. Use these lists for trade purposes, and if your league has suddenly decided to redraft all over again. Good luck with that!

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Top 40 Quarterbacks

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Leaving Green Bay Packers stud Aaron Rodgers in the top spot last week seems to be the wise move right now. Certainly the case could have been made for Drew Brees, but ultimately the top three have been left alone. C'mon, who expected Rodgers to throw six touchdown passes against a really good Houston Texans defense on the road? Regardless, Rodgers looked great, and his owners should not have been worried anyway. However, there is movement in the top 10, as the amazing Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins cannot be denied. Still have concerns about a concussion? Hope you didn't sit the rook in Week 6. He's better than Cam Newton today and probably last season as well, and he passes Matt Ryan. Frankly, the only issue I see with Griffin is the potential for injury, but on that 76-yard touchdown run nobody came close to him.

Ryan had a beautiful home matchup with the Oakland Raiders' secondary and, in turn, had all the love from fantasy owners, and he couldn't even make it to double digits in fantasy scoring. We're not jumping off his bandwagon, but that was unexpected. Ryan and the unbeaten Atlanta Falcons are on bye this week, then they face the dysfunctional Philadelphia Eagles, who will have a new defensive coordinator (about time). Ryan should be fine, though I suspect he might get caught by the Manning brothers soon.

Quite a few of the top quarterbacks in Week 6 also delivered surprise performances. It's simplistic to state Tampa Bay Buccaneers passer Josh Freeman is neither as good as two years ago nor as bad as last year -- which is true, by the way -- but suffice to say, he's more of a matchup option than a reliable choice. He gains a spot at the expense of erratic Ryan Fitzpatrick. Andy Dalton and Christian Ponder move up thanks to the Alex Smith drop. Smith's strength the past two seasons has been the ability to avoid turnovers, but Sunday against the New York Giants, he couldn't. Runner Colin Kaepernick appeared in relief Sunday but for now remains the backup, but an interesting one in case opportunity knocks.

Top 60 Running Backs

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