'12 ranks: Mendenhall, Mathews movin' up

Unhappy with your early-round picks this season? Well, pretend you could redraft for this season right now; think about how different things would be. Here in the weekly end-of-season rankings, it's as if you can start all over, and hopefully this weekly exercise aids in potential trades and free-agent pickups as well. Hey, it's nearly Week 6, so if you've been paying attention each Tuesday, you know the drill. And If you're just looking for the Week 6 staff and individual rankings, they'll be posted on Wednesday. Enjoy!

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Top 40 Quarterbacks

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The big question at this critical position this week will be about the status of Washington Redskins rookie Robert Griffin III. He entered Week 5 as the leading fantasy scorer, but didn't finish the week there. He left in the third quarter Sunday because of a concussion after scoring just three fantasy points. Since Griffin wasn't drafted as a starter in most leagues anyway, fantasy owners should have a suitable backup. This is, of course, a reminder that running quarterbacks tend to be riskier than others by definition of how they play. Griffin does not drop in the rankings. ... Speaking of running quarterbacks, it's wasn't the best week for Cam Newton or Michael Vick, either. For now, both Eli Manning and Peyton Manning are behind Griffin and Newton, but perhaps not for long.

Indianapolis Colts rookie Andrew Luck produced a memorable 28 fantasy points Sunday against Aaron Rodgers, who had 24. Luck moves up a few spots, though he's still not in the top 10. What will it take? Honestly, none of the top-10 quarterbacks really deserved to drop, but certainly I could see a scenario, especially if Luck continues his pace for a new record of 708 pass attempts, that he passes Matthew Stafford and Tony Romo, who were on bye, Ben Roethlisberger, who managed nine fantasy points, and Joe Flacco, who didn't do much against the Kansas City Chiefs. For now, Luck, who has raised his fantasy point total each week, passes Vick and Jay Cutler.

As for the quarterbacks after the top 20, it's not as pretty. Cleveland Browns rookie Brandon Weeden moves up a lot, but don't read much into that. It's more an indictment of others. Weeden did well, but few others in his region can say the same. Matt Cassel might have to miss some games and he wasn't playing well anyway, as noted by Chiefs fans. Blaine Gabbert actually cost his owners a point. Russell Wilson threw for a career-best 221 yards, which isn't much. It's still tough to rely on a New York Jets quarterback. It's not a bad idea to stash Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers in a deep league; he's clearly an effective runner, and it's possible Alex Smith will need to miss time because of his sprained finger.

Top 60 Running Backs

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