'12 ranks: CJ2K, Charles out of top-10 RBs

Two weeks down, 14 or 15 left to go, depending on when your playoffs start. The second week of the 2012 fantasy football season featured many outstanding performances, but as always, some players overachieved and others, ahem, did not. Our goal in the weekly end-of-season rankings update is to find perspective of this small sample size, but also look ahead as if we're drafting today, going position by position with added insight.

You'll see more changes in this edition of the rankings than last week because we've learned quite a bit more, but you'll also find that we're not giving up on a few of the first-round picks who are struggling, nor have we presumed that a few of the September stars are safe.

Remember: These are not the Week 3 rankings. You'll see those on the ESPN Fantasy pages each Wednesday.

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Top 40 Quarterbacks

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While it's important to avoid overrating the first two weeks, it's pretty clear Robert Griffin III has major game. He leads all quarterbacks in fantasy points, but it worth noting that he also has played both of his games in dome stadiums, and against questionable defenses. Expect Griffin to get a favorable rank in Week 3 at home against the Cincinnati Bengals, but for 2012, it's tough to move him much higher than he is here. Matt Ryan, the guy just ahead of him, has been excellent so far, as well. Neither Griffin nor Ryan began this season in the top 10, but if you own them, enjoy the ride.

Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees aren't exactly thriving so far. The consensus top three to start the year, only Brees is among the top 10 quarterbacks so far. Am I concerned? Well, the rankings answer that. No, I am not. Matthew Stafford is averaging 12 fantasy points per game, but as I wrote about Rodgers coming off a matchup with the San Francisco 49ers, things will get only easier.

The Manning brothers delivered interesting performances in Week 2. Each played poorly in the first quarter, but Eli Manning finished with 31 completions for 510 yards, eighth-most in NFL history, while big bro Peyton Manning tossed three interceptions Monday night, yet still somehow finished with a respectable seven-point fantasy game. Neither guy moves in the rankings. I'd still take Eli, and I expect both of them to remain healthy and productive as fantasy starters.

As for the backup-level quarterbacks, it certainly was not a good week for Chicago Bears passer Jay Cutler, whose fantasy production disappeared behind a host of annoying interceptions and sacks. However, he remains a reasonable fantasy backup, and he's joined by Indianapolis Colts rookie Andrew Luck. Alex Smith and Luck delivered near-identical statistical performances, but think about how differently they are viewed. Smith does remain worthy of fantasy backup attention, though.

Top 60 Running Backs

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