2013 ranks update: Many RB, WR changes

One week down, 16 to go! Hope you enjoyed the first NFL weekend as much as I did, but Tuesdays in this space are a day to look ahead, not only for this coming week, but way down the line. We're back again this year with our Tuesday end-of-season rankings update, which is helpful for trades and player evaluation, as well as any late drafts. These are not the Week 2 rankings. Those will be posted Wednesday.

We go position by position in these rankings, culminating in an updated top 100, and you'll be able to see the changes week to week. You won't find too many in this edition, however. I always find it odd when a fantasy owner researches for weeks/months to prepare for his draft, then drastically alters things after one week, selling off his once-coveted players, or worse yet, dropping them. You don't give up on New York Giants running back David Wilson because of one game. You don't start Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor over New England Patriots star Tom Brady based on one game. Sure, these rankings take into account what occurred in Week 1, but don't overrate it. Look ahead, not back.