2013 ranks update: QBs even deeper

Even after one fantasy football week, many owners were already looking to make changes, mainly trading off their underachieving players. In some cases, they simply cut them for surprise Week 1 performers. But now we enter Week 3, and things get even more complicated. Some of those Week 1 underperformers bounced back in Week 2. Some did not, or they got hurt.

That's where the end-of-season rankings come in. We combine all the factors to help in player and trade evaluation from this point forward. In other words, what Eddie Royal has already accomplished is just one factor, and probably a bit too much of one, really.

We go position by position in this space each Tuesday, and then cap it with an updated top 100 overall. One potential purpose for these rankings is to place value on all players as if we could re-draft today, so you'll see where quarterbacks are valued in relation to other positions, and so on. As always, enjoy, debate, comment and see the fun in this; it's fantasy football! And the Week 3 staff and individual rankings will be released, as always, on Wednesday.