Stock watch: Wide receivers

Karabell's Stock Watch series: Quarterbacks | Running backs | Wide receiversOne of the lasting images of the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl victory over the Denver Broncos was seeing talented but brittle wide receiver Percy Harvin make an impact running, catching and returning, and it had to intrigue fantasy owners about this fall’s possibilities. Personally, I’d be interested in seeing what a healthy Harvin could do in the Seattle offense, but it’s pretty unlikely I’m going to be the one dealing with having him on my roster.

I’ve seen owners treating Harvin like a top-10 wide receiver the past few seasons despite the fact that his numbers don’t support it. Perhaps this is the year Harvin finally catches 90 passes or reaches 1,000 receiving yards. But does that really seem likely?

Still, Harvin’s healthy today, so it would be reasonable to include him on the “stock rising” side if you’re feeling optimistic. I just didn’t put him there. Just like with the critical running back position, it’s already been a busy offseason when it comes to wide receivers, and we continue our march through fantasy’s key spots with a spring/summer stock watch. The NFL draft will surely have a big effect, as experts claim they’ve never seen a deeper group of professional-bound wide receivers, but we can deal with that later.