Summer Snapshot: San Francisco 49ers

Summer is here, and the NFL preseason games will be underway before you know it. As teams train and hold camps, let's analyze what fantasy owners should be looking for in the next few months. Join the conversation on Twitter: #FantasySnapshot

What's new? Well, much like the rival Seattle Seahawks, who topped the 49ers to get to the Super Bowl, the spring was about contract situations and making key players happy. For San Francisco, that meant a brand new historic deal for quarterback Colin Kaepernick, one that was pretty controversial since it featured the most guaranteed money for anyone in the sport, and it will surely affect others. Whether Kaepernick, with his 23 career starts, is really worth that type of investment is quite another issue. Coach Jim Harbaugh is still waiting for his money, which couldn't possibly be an issue moving ahead, right? As for actual changes to personnel, the 49ers' draft looked like a clear win, and fantasy owners will want to become interested in running back Carlos Hyde, and soon.

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