Summer Snapshot: New York Jets

Summer is here, and the NFL preseason games will be underway before you know it. As teams train and hold camps, let’s analyze what fantasy owners should be looking for in the next few months. Join the conversation on Twitter: #FantasySnapshot

What’s new? Last year’s New York Jets won half their games but were outscored by 97 points. That's tough to do, folks. Three NFL teams scored fewer points, and those squads combined for 10 wins (Tampa Bay, Houston, Jacksonville). Put simply, the Jets needed to add offensive players, and they achieved that. The interesting but still competent Michael Vick should start at quarterback. Former Tennessee Titans star Chris Johnson is the new lead running back. Eric Decker traded in the joy of catching Peyton Manning passes for, well, what Vick and Geno Smith will supply him (although the money is nice). And Rex Ryan apparently will stick around for a few more years to coach it all, somewhat a surprise. If the Jets average only 18 points per game this season, with these upgrades -- rip ‘em all you like, but they are upgrades -- there’s a major problem.

Something to prove: