Summer Snapshot: Buffalo Bills

Summer is here, and the NFL preseason games will be underway before you know it. As teams train and hold camps, let’s analyze what fantasy owners should be looking for in the next few months. Join the conversation on Twitter: #FantasySnapshot

What’s new? Well, there’s a palpable excitement in the air in Western New York now that dynamic wide receiver Sammy Watkins is on the squad, and sweet dreams of Watkins and quarterback EJ Manuel turning into the next Montana-and-Rice are running rampant. OK, perhaps that’s modest hyperbole, but Watkins, whom the Buffalo Bills traded a considerable amount to move up in the draft to acquire, is obviously a difference-maker, and the pressure on the 21-year-old will be immense. Second-year coach Doug Marrone is aiming to end the NFL’s longest streak of non-playoff seasons -- it last occurred in 1999 -- and he’s got his playmaker, at least. There were other less interesting moves, from the acquisitions of Mike Williams and Bryce Brown to the Steve Johnson trade to San Francisco, but all eyes are on Watkins.

Something to prove: