WRs: 2012 review, plus 2013 preview/ranks

For the second consecutive season, the No. 2 wide receiver in ESPN standard fantasy leagues scored 210 points. Congrats to Brandon Marshall on the accomplishment this season. Of course, one wideout managed to beat Marshall in scoring, and it's the same one who beat Jordy Nelson of the Green Bay Packers in 2011. Hmm, who could this dominant wide receiver be? It won't come as much of a surprise; again, the more pertinent question surrounds the rest of the top-five, top-10, top-whatever choices at the position, not the first fellow.

Wide receiver is deep, just as it always has been -- certainly in relation to running back -- and myriad choices stepped up during the 2012 season to claim top-10 consideration. While the Chicago Bears' Marshall ultimately finished second in position scoring in standard formats, he has company in the top-5 conversation. With quarterback and running back recaps/previews in the rear view mirror, let's tackle wide receivers.

Wide receiver MVP: OK, so Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions is pretty good. We get it. But he was also a first-round pick in most leagues, and unlike the 2011 season, he finished outside the overall top 20 scorers. Disappointing season? Well, he did score 40 fewer points, mainly thanks to being unlucky in the touchdown department. Yes, he broke the league mark for receiving yards in a season, but 29 other wide receivers caught more than his five touchdowns, including Santana Moss. So it is that Reggie Wayne of the Indianapolis Colts edges out the Denver Broncos' Eric Decker for the MVP nod. Wayne was a 10th-round pick in ESPN average live drafts, a forgotten older player who was certainly not close to done. Andrew Luck made Wayne his top target and Wayne responded by producing nearly the exact same numbers from his final year playing alongside Peyton Manning in 2010. Meanwhile, Decker was the only one of the top 13 wide receiver scorers this season who wasn't selected among the top 20 in ADP. Yep, there was no real stunning out-of-nowhere Victor Cruz-like performance. Decker was an eighth-round pick, 28th at the position, but he finished tied with Andre Johnson for eighth in WR scoring and finished second only to James Jones of the Packers in receiving touchdowns.