Will Edwin Encarnacion's fantasy value change with Indians?

How will the move from the Toronto Blue Jays to the Cleveland Indians impact Edwin Encarnacion's fantasy value? Photo by Kevin Sousa/Icon Sportswire

The Cleveland Indians nearly won the 2016 World Series despite a lineup lacking in power and depth, but Thursday’s signing of free agent Edwin Encarnacion will make things look better. While there are some minor warning signs about Encarnacion moving ahead, it’s hard to quibble much with his recent statistics or Cleveland’s need for a right-handed thumper in the lineup. Encarnacion has averaged 39 home runs, 110 runs batted in and a .272 batting average for five seasons, a consistent power source in a fantasy world with few such options, and he was the No. 50 option on the 2016 Player Rater. The guy is good.

Of course, Encarnacion achieved this for the Toronto Blue Jays, playing half the time in a home run haven, and now he goes to a neutral ballpark. That should