Ten underrated relief pitchers for fantasy owners to add

Felipe Rivero's WAR! What is it good for? Eric Karabell will tell you. Justin Berl/Getty Images

There’s usually modest correlation when comparing the top fantasy closers to the relief pitchers that have earned the most Wins Above Replacement (WAR). After all, saves (wisely) don’t play a role in driving WAR or real value, but I still like to look from time to time to see who is being underrated in that category. There aren’t too many surprises for the top MLB relievers in WAR, as Andrew Miller, Craig Kimbrel and Greg Holland are all up there. However, the No. 1 guy is not only a relative unknown for most baseball fans, fantasy owners are still underrating him as well.

As a result, let’s expound upon the topic of underrated relief pitchers for fantasy purposes. There’s no need to rely on WAR for this one. Some of us simply need the saves and aren’t getting enough of them, because there are saves out there on free agency in ESPN standard leagues. Go get them! And, of course, keep your eye on out for trades until July 31, because another ninth-inning role or two could be altered there as well.