Can Moore, Gomez still help fantasy owners?

Carlos Gomez smashed a three-run dinger in his first at-bat as a Ranger. Should you add him to your fantasy team? Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Even before San Francisco Giants lefty Matt Moore flirted with history and finally allowed his first hit to the Los Angeles Dodgers with two outs in the ninth inning (way past midnight ET), fantasy owners had been inquiring about him, Texas Rangers outfielder Carlos Gomez and the lure of re-signing players who had previously burned you. Gomez is a far more extreme example as an overall first-round selection in most fantasy leagues a year ago and fourth-rounder this year, but Moore hadn’t exactly thrived as a Giant since the July trade. Thursday was his first National League victory.

In fantasy sports, the last look is often the one that defines value, at least until the next look, and my take on Moore and Gomez is pretty simple: