Perfect draft: Balance, patience, upside are key

Who wouldn't want to start their fantasy teams with the combination of Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw? Matt Brown/Angels Baseball LP/Getty Image

If we’re being totally honest, the perfect fantasy baseball draft would feature Mike Trout, Jose Altuve, Mookie Betts, Clayton Kershaw and, well, perhaps you see what I’m getting at here. We’d all love to literally dominate the first round of our drafts or possess $700 in auction dollars to outbid everyone else, but these things can’t happen. There really is no perfect draft because we know performance will vary and injuries will happen because baseball players aren’t robots. Baseball players are human and, therefore not perfect. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t strive for roster perfection before outside forces intervene.

A wise course of action is to always enter a draft or auction with a smart, reasonable plan that would likely create a contending team, execute that plan properly, and hope that degrees of excellence and fulfillment will result. Seek balance not only among the statistics but among the players themselves, with some old versus some young choices, some durable types versus some high-risk brittle ones and an effort to avoid investing in the entire Boston or Colorado offenses or the Cubs’ rotation. Diversify and enjoy these humans!

Nevertheless, ahead is what I’d call a near-perfect draft because it’s executing a reasonable, actionable plan, filling the 10 standard fantasy categories and doing so in a balanced way. Perhaps in September we’ll look back and indeed call it perfect! In March, perfection is in the opportunity.