'Do not draft' list for fantasy baseball

Buster Posey is almost certainly the best catcher in baseball, but that doesn't automatically make him one of the best options in fantasy baseball. Getty Images

It’s safe to say San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey does not read or listen to my work and cares not even one little bit that every season he lands on my annual “Do Not Draft” list.

And why should he care? It’s simply one man’s opinion, and the key to this particular opinion is the value of what round or auction price Posey will cost in relation to his actual, statistical value. This isn’t about defense or clubhouse chemistry or any of that. It’s about cold, hard stats and how to properly value them. Of course I’d want Posey on my team, but rocking a draft or auction is about value, and paying the typical cost to get Posey just isn’t worth it.