'Plant my flag' list for 2017

Future Phillies catcher Jorge Alfaro is just one of the players who seems to be ending up on a lot of Eric Karabell's fantasy teams. Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

I can’t be the only one who, by the time we get to the third week of March, has already set up the new spreadsheet filled with many names of baseball players for the upcoming season. No, these are not my rankings but, they are for, um, personal reasons. I mean, there has to be others doing this, right? Right?!? The reason for the file is simple. I have, shall we say, more than a few baseball teams for the season, whether they are fantasy or simulation or something else -- and once in a while a name or five can get lost.

  • Hmm, so J.D. Martinez is hurt. I don’t have him on any teams, right? Right?!?

Turns out I do and, oh well, he claims he won’t miss much time in April, so I’m looking forward to his return by mid-June. Nevertheless, while easy, one-stop tracking of my players is the principal reason for the file, it’s also another way to find out which players I like more than others. Yes, I can waste hours of your time relaying the players do or don't like, but the ultimate test, really, is if they’re ending up on my teams. When push comes to shove, I’ve got a fixed amount of time to choose a player so, here’s a general answer.

The annual “Plant My Flag” blog entry is really an announcement of who I keep drafting or paying auction dollars for, and I find it’s not overly dependent on fantasy format -- be it standard or points or NL-only, or even the simulation game with last year’s numbers and future relevance. If I like a player, I like a player. He gets the proverbial flag, as it were. Because I don’t do much planting, you know.