Closer Report: Sell high on Grilli, Perez?

Team performance certainly plays some role in analyzing potential save totals, especially if you're in the business of selling high and buying low, which fantasy owners should be. Some big league teams are off to better starts than others, but if you think the second half won't be as kind, well, then the closer's value should take a hit. The following won't please the long-suffering fans of the Cleveland Indians and Pittsburgh Pirates, and I certainly hope they remain contenders into mid-September, but we went through this last year as the closers for these teams were far less valuable after the All-Star break.

As such, it's perfectly reasonable to consider moving Chris Perez and Jason Grilli while they're hot, especially in Grilli's case; he's the major league leader in saves, a fickle category to begin with. Sure, it's possible that these two franchises separated by a leisurely car ride -- I wholeheartedly recommend checking out their home stadiums, as I did last summer on consecutive days -- will continue to play terrific baseball all through the summer, but what if they don't?