Bits: Roy Oswalt set for 2013 debut

The distinguished career of right-hander Roy Oswalt takes another turn Thursday, as he's scheduled to make his debut for the Colorado Rockies, facing right-hander Jordan Zimmermann and the uninspiring Washington Nationals lineup on the road. To fantasy owners who know of Oswalt's achievements, it might seem like a wonderful opportunity to sign someone for free and hope to cash in on upside, as if they were signing a rookie like Zack Wheeler or Gerrit Cole. The difference is Oswalt is 35, and, well, he'll have to pitch in Coors Field at some point.

Although it's easy to be dismissive about Oswalt's chances for success because of his home venue and the fact that his ERA was a bloated 5.80 over 59 hittable innings for the Texas Rangers last season, fantasy owners shouldn't rule him out altogether. I'm not saying I think his latest comeback will yield such attractive results that he'll be the signing of the year, but is he spot-starter material Thursday? Well, yes, he is.