What's wrong with Justin Verlander?

Chicago White Sox outfielder Alex Rios did something noteworthy Tuesday night, tallying six hits in as many at-bats, while adding a pair of stolen bases and an RBI. The oft-overlooked Rios is rightly owned in all leagues, and good for him; he's proving that the every-other-season theory is just ridiculous. Rios is again thriving in 2013, overcoming an annoying but hardly predictive trend of high performance only in even-numbered years. Rios is the No. 33 player on the ESPN Player Rater (23rd among hitters) and while his power is a bit down, he’s on pace for a career high in stolen bases and his batting average is fine. In fact, Rios generally doesn’t warrant much discussion because he’s just a solid player, and of course this blog entry really isn’t about him at all. Instead, it's about the underachieving starting pitcher he touched up for four of those hits.

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Justin VerlanderRick Osentoski/USA TODAY Sports

Justin Verlander has been decent this year but hasn't been at an elite level.