Talkin' keepers: Hitters to stash for 2014

August is a time when a large portion of the fantasy sports-playing world collectively turns its attention to football, leaving behind average or poor fantasy baseball teams in the process. Of course this isn't ideal, and it affects even the contending teams in your league. But the reality is the seasons overlap, and unless an owner has a shot to win your baseball league, he might be putting his interest elsewhere. I have a longtime baseball keeper league that, for myriad reasons, I won't be contending in this season, and I've already turned my attention to 2014 and beyond. I shouldn't be alone.

So this week we focus on baseball keeper leagues, not the top options like Robinson Cano, Yu Darvish and even Ryan Braun, but rather players who are considered fringe options but can make an impact and help deep leaguers. Many are young … but not all of them! Frankly, a keeper-league owner should be thinking ahead, regardless of his team's current success, because it's a great time to plan ahead with players who could become keepers or, if your league still allows it, make trades that will bear future riches or draft picks.