Dan Uggla out, but don't give up on him

The ESPN Player Rater deserves a look just about every day for one reason or another, perhaps to see how players compare, who's hot and who's not of late or sometimes just to see how far someone like Atlanta Braves second baseman Dan Uggla has fallen. After all, the guy is hitting .186 for the season, which is terrible for fantasy purposes. It's Adam Dunn-in-2011 like. No matter how many home runs a guy hits, that batting average will mitigate value. But sometimes you shouldn't look at the Rater, like if you don't care about batting average and just need the power, as I figure some Uggla owners do.

This is relevant today because Uggla hit the 15-day disabled list Tuesday because the team wants him to have corrective laser eye surgery. Hey, seems reasonable to me, and frankly, it explains quite a bit in retrospect. It's not like he has been limping around on a bad knee for months and needs a break. The guy can't see! The Braves have like a 40-game lead in the NL East anyway and are cruising into October. Uggla wouldn't need to miss more than two weeks, and really, since he was 2-for-32 with 14 strikeouts over his past 10 games, just about any minor leaguer could do better than that anyway.