Yoenis Cespedes' power is legit, but ...

As noted in the above video, and admitting the fact that it's very early in the season, a few things seem eminently clear to me about Oakland Athletics outfielder Yoenis Cespedes: He has plenty of raw power, but there are also quite a few holes in that powerful swing, especially when it's not a fastball heading his way. While the Cuban import has many differences compared to older, slower Adam Dunn, I have each of them hitting around 25 home runs and falling short of a .250 batting average.

Some fantasy owners can live with a low batting average if they have Joe Mauer types to balance things out. Perhaps all you need is the power. But think about how differently Dunn and Cespedes are likely viewed in your league on the trade market. Cespedes is definitely in demand, right? But pitchers with scouting reports are going to make him look like Mark Reynolds.

Whether obvious or not, here are 12 hitters whom I think will hit 25-plus home runs this season but also will hit on the wrong side of .250. Perhaps a name or two listed below will surprise you ... and a few not listed as well. I'll discuss a few of those below the 12 sluggers:

Alfonso Soriano, OF, Chicago Cubs: I commented on Twitter that Soriano, after taking seemingly half an hour to retrieve a fly ball in the gap Monday night, had about as much defensive range as the oak tree on my front lawn. Soriano does have more power, though. He has averaged 23 home runs and a .248 batting average the past three seasons. I don't see that changing much.

Carlos Pena, 1B, Tampa Bay Rays: I do love him occasionally hitting second in the lineup. Nice move, Joe Maddon! Hey, Pena gets on base, and the last time he failed to hit 25 home runs in a full season was 2003. There are no batting titles in his future, though.

Jayson Werth, OF, Washington Nationals: It's really hard to believe he batted .296 in 2010, despite all the strikeouts. I do see him bouncing back some from last year's .232 batting average, but obviously not over the .250 mark.

Paul Goldschmidt, 1B, Arizona Diamondbacks: Like Cespedes, we'll see tape-measure home runs from Goldschmidt, but off-speed pitches flummox him. As such, I've stayed away from Goldschmidt.

J.P. Arencibia, C, Toronto Blue Jays: Power from the catcher position is nice, but in his case, you want him batting less to mitigate the batting average damage, because it's certainly coming.

Mike Napoli, C/1B, Texas Rangers: Just sayin', but entering 2011, his career batting average was .251. He is clearly overrated coming off his monster -- and unrepeatable -- second half.

Mark Trumbo, 1B/OF, Los Angeles Angels: His situation remains problematic. He has been so awful playing third base that soon enough he just might not play regularly there. And he refuses to take a walk, which, in his case, guarantees a low batting average.

Curtis Granderson, OF, New York Yankees: Hey, it happened last season, too. That said, teammate Mark Teixeira will barely top .250 to avoid inclusion.

Adam Dunn, 1B, Chicago White Sox: Yes, he will hit 25 home runs.

Mark Reynolds, 3B, Baltimore Orioles: Just to be thorough. His corner infield colleague Chris Davis won't hit enough home runs.

Adam Lind, 1B, Toronto Blue Jays: No reason to expect he'll start hitting lefty pitchers, but he does have power and relative security.

Josh Willingham, OF, Minnesota Twins: Off to a good start, but based on durability track record, I'd sell high.

Not on the list: Carlos Santana will hit .270, with 28 home runs. He is the best catcher in fantasy. ... Vernon Wells is off to a slow start, but I'm not giving up. He did hit .273 two seasons ago. I think he can do that again, with decent power numbers to boot. ... B.J. Upton will fall short of 25 home runs. ... Same with Carlos Quentin. ... Ryan Howard won't even hit 15 home runs. ... Dan Uggla will bat .254, but no monster hitting streak for him this season. ... I thought about including Michael Morse above. I think he'll drop 30 points in batting average, though, not 50 points. ... I think Colby Rasmus falls short of 25 home runs, but he'll hit above .250. ... Logan Morrison has a DL stint in his future. Sorry, I liked him as well, but you can't just dump him in left field. ... I think Boston Red Sox catchers could combine for 29 home runs and a .229 batting average like last season, so that's something, I guess. ... Someday, Ian Stewart will rejoin the 25-homer, sub-.250 club. ... Luke Scott of Tampa is a candidate as well. ... What about Rickie Weeks? I did think about it.