Recapping my NL-only LABR auction

There's a memorable scene near the end of the Eddie Murphy/Dan Aykroyd movie "Trading Places" when the old guys lose all their money on the stock exchange, and Mortimer Duke screams in agony, "Turn those machines back on!" His goal, of course, is to get the chance to win his money back.

Well, in the middle of Sunday night's LABR (League of Alternative Baseball Reality) NL-only draft, a 13-teamer in which some of the best fantasy baseball minds gather in Phoenix to watch baseball and eventually fill teams, I felt this way when the last closers came off the board, and I hadn't offered up the extra dollar or two to acquire them. First it was Jason Motte, then Carlos Marmol, and finally Brett Myers. I felt like yelling, "Get these owners back and put another closer up for bid!"

Alas, that's not realistic. But other than failing to acquire a second closer, I have to say I like the team I left Arizona with. I've never seen an auction quite like this, with so many of the final prices out of whack with reality. Hey, everything must be taken in context. My goal was to swoop in and get players below value, avoid spending for the superstar hitters, stay below $20 on all pitchers, save money for the sleeper end-game and have fun. Mission mostly accomplished. Once you leave the auction, the prices mean nothing.