Recapping my NL-only LABR draft squad

Sometimes the poor people sitting next to me on the long flight home from Phoenix the day after the USA Today NL-only League of Alternative Baseball Reality (LABR) draft have to bear the brunt of money I spent unwisely. They can tell whether I like my team or not. Perhaps it's the muttering under my breath someplace over Nebraska that gives it away.

"I can't believe I didn't go the extra dollar on Jimmy Rollins (circa his MVP year)!"

"I can't believe I went the extra dollar on Jose Mesa (the year after he saved 45 games)!"

And just this Monday, "I can't believe I spent only $4 on my entire middle infield!"

I'm actually quite pleased with the team I left Arizona with this weekend, despite the fact my middle infield is likely to underwhelm. Other than that, I looked for and found value, compiled a strong group of catchers, outfielders and starting pitchers. And, well, at some point I will be upgrading a few spots. Or maybe not. I mean, I do kind of like New York Mets Rule 5 second baseman Brad Emaus quite a bit. I'm sure he's not the next Dan Uggla, but who knows what happens when he gets opportunity?