Moreland no longer Rangers' 'weak link'

A month ago, the focus on Texas Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland was on how he was the weak link in a strong lineup and should be replaced in the lineup by hotshot prospect Jurickson Profar. Ian Kinsler would slide from second base to first base and all would be right with the offense. Well, all is right with the Texas offense because Moreland was left alone to hit; on Tuesday night in Oakland, he smashed two more home runs, including a 10th-inning blast that ultimately stood for the winning run in an exciting 6-5 victory.

It's merely the ides of May and no slugger has managed to reach the bleachers more this month than the oft-overlooked Moreland. He has smacked six home runs in 49 at-bats in May, hitting .347 with a .796 slugging percentage, and his next home run will give him double digits on the season. In 2011-12, Moreland averaged 15.5 home runs and 50.5 RBIs with 791 total at-bats. While few would have projected him to emerge for a 30-homer campaign and contribute mightily in batting average (he's a career .268 hitter), he's certainly on that track.