2014 Do Not Draft list

The presumed definition of a Do Not Draft list means, well, do not draft these players, but let’s get this out of the way up front: I don’t really mean that. What I mean is that when one secures players through a draft or an auction, the main goal should be about value and finding bargains who will overachieve based on the cost to acquire them, then constructing the puzzle that makes for a successful squad. There are MVPs and Cy Young winners and other studs below, and perhaps that is precisely what mistakenly augments their value in the first place. I’m looking for deals in several senses of the word, and ultimately these players aren’t likely to end up on my teams unless they slip in drafts or come cheaper in auctions. That’s what I mean!

It’s nothing personal, really. For example, former New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera finished an awesome career a few months ago, but I rarely, if ever, enjoyed his statistics on a fantasy team. The commitment to get a closer early in a draft just isn’t worth the price to me. Of course, Rivera -- and the players listed below -- won’t hurt your fantasy teams, but think about what else you could get in that spot or with that cost. I assume that you don’t want to see names like Matt Joyce or Wade Miley highlighted below, that you want bigger names. Like really relevant names. So here you go, in order of the ESPN Fantasy top 300. Enjoy!