Stock Watch: Baez up; Corbin down

Raise your hand and groan if the ulnar collateral ligament in your pitching elbow hurts just from watching pitcher after pitcher after pitcher go down so far in March. Dr. James Andrews is already a busy man, er, doctor, but even more so these days! Look, I don’t want this to sound negative, but we’re getting to the point now where selecting pitchers in fantasy leagues is becoming even more dangerous than normal because one by one, and for seemingly little notice or reason at that, pitchers are dropping like flies, succumbing to torn ligaments – really important ones - and needing season-ending surgery. Who will be next? Could be your ace or fave sleeper! One can never have enough depth.

Last Monday, we wrapped up the previous weekend with a stock watch, so let’s keep the momentum going with another. Try not to hurt yourself along the way.