How to value the Rockies for 2015

Due largely to injuries, Carlos Gonzalez will see his run of 20/20 seasons come to an end in 2014. Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Fantasy owners are probably getting tired of the top Colorado Rockies players, especially slumping star outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, who -- while you were all participating in fantasy football mock drafts this weekend -- was again placed on the disabled list. It's certainly not the first time, and now it's a recurring knee injury rendering him unusable and able to watch the games in relaxation with ailing shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. The Rockies continue to claim neither of their star hitters has been shut down for the season, but look at the standings, folks. The Rockies sure aren't contending. There's a decent chance we won't be seeing these fellows again until next spring, but if the team admits that, then it affects ticket sales. People don't get as excited to see Josh Rutledge and Drew Stubbs.

Gonzalez, the No. 7 selection in ESPN live drafts prior to and early in the season, will see his four-year run of 20-homer, 20-steal seasons end. Give the guy credit, because that's a pretty impressive feat. Nine players achieved 20/20 in 2013, and at this point, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Carlos Gomez and Pittsburgh Pirates star Andrew McCutchen are the only ones on their way to a repeat. And McCutchen is hurt, too, so he might not get there, either. Gonzalez has had a miserable season, especially in context of value, but he's 28 and plays half his games at Coors Field. He won't be a first-rounder next year, but how far do you let him fall?