Giant Killers' Sunday upsets: Lumberjacks sniffing Sweet 16

Why have heavy underdogs been so successful? (1:48)

Seth Greenberg discusses why the likes of Middle Tennessee, Stephen F. Austin and Hawaii have had success against teams that were favored heavily and who has the best chance to advance to the Sweet 16 amongst the three. (1:48)

In a season defined by chaos, it should come as no surprise that we found ourselves surprised -- again -- on Friday afternoon. Upsets? We saw them coming, sure. In fact, if our model had legs, it would take a victory lap after six of its eight most likely upsets came through.

But the seventh Giant Killing? That was Michigan State. Entering the tourney, Sparty felt like a soft binky in a sea of screaming preschoolers, maybe the only top team to inspire true confidence in a down year. So, of course Middle Tennessee led wire-to-wire. In the wake of that upset and Friday’s additional carnage, all eight games on Sunday are true GK matchups. That’s extraordinary.