Giant Killers: Syracuse, Notre Dame taking on new roles

Vitale: Notre Dame will need 'game of the year' (1:38)

ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale says Notre Dame needs to control the pace of the game if it wants to upset North Carolina in the Elite Eight. (1:38)

After Friday night's thrilling Sweet 16 action, we have reached a historic moment: Two Giant Killers have broken into the Elite Eight, and each of them was previously a Giant in this very NCAA tournament (Giant vs. Killer matchups are games between teams separated by five or more seeds). No. 6 seed Notre Dame beat No. 11 seed Michigan in the first round, and No. 10 seed Syracuse topped No. 15 Middle Tennessee in the second round in a rare matchup between double-digit seeds.

We await your suggestions for what we should call these two-faced entities. In the meantime, our statistical model says chances are about 50-50 that a Killer will make the Final Four.